French Connection FC1144BWJ Watch - For Women

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From one of the world’s most recognized fashion brands, French Connection, comes this elegantly designed women’s personal timepiece that boasts of a minimalist yet stylish craftsmanship. The FCUK Analog Watch for women is designed to blend in with any attire that graces your wardrobe. A trendy time wear for women, the watch will grace your wrist whether you are partying with friends on a Saturday night or planning to go out for clubbing. Body and Design The round dial of the watch will appeal to women with a refined taste in fashion, thanks to its enigmatic elegance. Depicted by sparkling crystals, the index hour markers add an attractive appeal to the gorgeous timepiece. The dark colour of the background adds a sophisticated charm to your persona. Your precious analog wristwatch from FCUK remains shielded from accidental damages, courtesy of a stainless steel case. The alloy makes your watch sturdy and durable against wear and tear, apart from adding a touch of glamour to your appearance. A dark-coloured leather strap keeps your wristwatch firmly in place; its fine texture makes sure that the user faces minimum discomfort due to the prolonged use of the timepiece. Functions and Other Features The gorgeous FCUK watch not only boasts of an enticing design, but will also charm you with its excellent performance. Possessing the capacity to resist water up to a depth of 50 m, the smart device can withstand a few splashes of water and is an ideal accessory to carry on a trip to a water theme park with friends. The multifunctional time wear not just tells you the time, but also displays the day and date to much of your comfort. You can simply take a glance at your watch while fixing appointments at spas and beauty salons or while filling forms at a bank. One of the three sub-dials present in the watch also displays the time in 24 hours format. This feature will be beneficial for you when you want to prioritise work on an hourly basis. A beautiful combination of elegance and technical brilliance, the FCUK ladies’ watch is a worthy companion for the modern woman.


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