Heemax M3(Black & Red)

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The compact, qualitative and cost-friendly HEEMAX M3 is a class product that wins laurels on every aspect, be it the features, the functionality or the design. Despite being a pint-sized phone, it is equipped with a good deal of features that include 32 MB RAM, 1000 mAh battery, 1.77” LCD Display, Multi-Language Support, Bluetooth, Music/Video Player and FM Radio. The phone is built to last long, and perform functions at a scale that’s extremely good. The multi-lingual support allows users to access this phone in various Indian languages as well. The audio and video capabilities are something that needs a tall mention, as they have been outlined on the latest available technologies for a satisfying user experience. Overall, HEEMAX M3 is a tiny but powerful device, meant to complement your needs in the best way possible, and stand up to your expectations.


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