Inc.5 Bellies For Women(Black)

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Sleek and effortlessly fabulous, these belly shoes from Inc.5 will have no effort in silencing any room you saunter into. For whosoever lays eyes on the delectable form of these black shoes surely will not be able to get them out of their mind. The sheen of patent leather works to emphasise the buckle in the front, while giving the shoes an air of unquestionable sophistication. The Inc.5 Bellies work well as both formal and casual shoes; wear with a pair of jeans or fitted trousers, as per your mood. The artisans at Inc.5 take quality material, shape and design them into trendy foot candy that is sizzling yet durable so every woman gets to stay stylish on the road or during ceremonies. Footwear Care Use a dry sponge to clean away dirt and store the shoes away from heat and moisture.


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